Argos Lions Club Scholarship Fund

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Scholarship Criteria:

The Argos Lions Club Scholarship Fund was established and initially given to a graduate of the Argos High School Class of 1995 by the membership of the Argos Lions Club. The purpose of the fund is to provide and annual scholarship to an Argos High School senior who has been an active volunteer, fulfills all criteria and who exhibits leadership qualities. The applicant must have been an attendee of for at least two complete school years at Argos Community High School and must reside in the Town of Argos or Green or Walnut Township. This continuing scholarship will pay $500 for the first year of higher learning.  The scholarship may be awarded for use in any post secondary institution. The award will go to a student that emulates the characteristics of the Lions Club International Organization with empahsis on their slogan "We Serve." Thus, volunteerism is the major criteria for this award.