Bourbon Public Library Endowment Fund

Honoring the past with a look to the future

A celebration of the past 150 years turned into an investment in the future when the Bourbon Sesquicentennial Committee made a decision regarding unused funds.


Their plan was to establish an endowment fund at the Marshall County Community Foundation to support the Bourbon Public Library. Soon after, the first annual distribution gave a much needed facelift to the downstairs children’s area. The large-scale farm and countryside mural was designed to light up a child’s face and launch their imagination even before they reach the new worlds and adventures awaiting them on the shelves.
Subsequent distributions helped purchase new touchscreen computers with educational interactive games, each with more than sixty programs and over 1,000 activities for children ages 6-14.
Annual distributions from the endowment fund help fulfill the Library’s vision for establishing an active community center where individuals gather to explore, interact and imagine. Bourbon Public Library is a vital component of the community, joining libraries of all sizes across the nation in providing a place for face-to-face connection, supporting local culture, building citizens, educating individuals and fostering thoughtful communities.

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