Bourbon High School Alumni Association Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Criteria:

The purpose of the fund is to provide an annual scholarship for up to four (4) Bourbon High School seniors. Applicants must have achieved an overall “B” grade point average or above (e.g. 8.0 to 12.00 GPA) in high school. First preference will be given to applicants relate to a Bourbon High School Alumni Association member. Second preference will be given to a Triton High School senior who lives in Bourbon Township. Each scholarship recipient will receive at least $500 per year for up to four years of continuous enrollment in an accredited two- or four-year public or private institution of higher learning. If additional funds become available for scholarships, amounts higher than $500 will be determined by the Scholarship Advisory Committee. To remain in good standing scholarship recipients must maintain a 2.0 GPA in their freshman year of college, and a 2.5 GPA their sophomore year, and a 3.0 GPA in each of their junior and senior years.