LaVille Opens Two New Funds at the Marshall County Community Foundation

Community Comes Together to Support Lancer Students

The Union-North United School Corporation is excited to announce the creation of the Lancer Legacy Scholarship Fund and the Lancer Legacy Non-Permanent Fund with the Marshall County Community Foundation (MCCF). Both of the Lancer funds will directly impact students’ educational goals.

Mitch Mawhorter, Superintendent of Union-North United School System, said that he is excited about the creation of the new funds and believes that it will engage children in all aspects of their educational experience while attending LaVille. “We want to support all of our students,” Mawhorter said. “Money is always tight for our schools. Donors can make a major impact for our kids by giving to these new funds!”

The Lancer Legacy Scholarship Fund will create a college or vocational training scholarship. The goal is to comprehensively support all students by focusing on two and four-year college and vocational training scholarships and work to meet the needs of students whatever their future employment plans and dreams may be.

The Lancer Legacy Non-Permanent Fund will give donors an opportunity to impact student’s lives well into the future through enhanced educational experience – supporting teachers, buying supplies and other essentials for an engaging classroom.

The Lancers have set an ambitious fundraising goal. The MCCF and school system are in discussions with families, Lancer alumni and community groups to discover how they may be part of this exciting opportunity to support and help provide valuable resources for LaVille students.   

Linda Yoder, Executive Director of the MCCF said, “As the end of 2017 quickly approaches, now is a perfect time to donate to these new funds.”  She continued, “We can help donors make a real difference in student’s lives. Let us help you find your giving potential for LaVille!”