The Marshall County Community Foundation (MCCF) has received a matching fund grant totaling $750,000 as part of the eighth phase of Lilly Endowment Inc.’s initiative, Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow (GIFT VIII).

MCCF will use sixty percent of the funding to raise MCCF’s unrestricted endowment fund. MCCF’s unrestricted endowment funds support bi-annual competitive grant rounds available to local nonprofits to address current and emerging needs and support innovative and collaborative projects to improve the quality of life in Marshall County.

Thirty percent of the funding will be used to support two community projects: the launch of the Marshall County Career Innovation Center and One Marshall County, the county’s regional planning team.

The remaining ten percent of the funding will be used for internal capacity-building at MCCF to assist nonprofit partners in identifying and securing resources to address community needs.

Qualifying matching funds raised to support MCCF’s unrestricted endowment will be eligible for a $2(grantor)-to-$1(grantee) match from Lilly Endowment while qualifying matching funds raised for community projects and capacity-building will be eligible for a $1(grantor)-to-$1(grantee) match.

“We are so grateful to Lilly Endowment for its generous support,” said Linda Yoder, MCCF Executive Director. “GIFT VIII will help us build resources for stronger communities. We are excited to see how these funds will be used to see great ideas take flight.”

Through GIFT VIII Lilly Endowment has awarded matching fund grants totaling $133.8 million to community foundations serving all 92 of Indiana’s counties. Eligible community foundations submitted proposals requesting grants ranging from $100,000 to $15,000,000 based on the population of the counties they serve.

In 2023, Lilly Endowment launched GIFT VIII to help community foundations strengthen the towns, cities and counties they serve. Matching fund grants are one of several funding opportunities designed to help community foundations promote long-term viability; further strengthen their abilities to lead; encourage board engagement; and support and develop strategic efforts to enhance quality of life in their communities.

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