Argos High School

Welcome to the Argos High School scholarship page

We administer a number of scholarships, which range from the traditional academic and athletic awards to corporate and special circumstances offerings. Applying for a scholarship is free, so we invite you to spend some time finding opportunities for which you are a good fit.

We also have a number of scholarships for current college students. Continue to visit our page for updates of our available scholarships. Please note specific scholarships' guidelines and deadlines.

Contact your high school guidance counselor for application forms unless otherwise noted on individual scholarship pages.

Alberta Middaugh Memorial Scholarship
Argos High School Class of 1957 Scholarship Fund
Argos Lions Club Scholarship Fund
Bruce and Vivian VanDerWeele Scholarship Fund
Ella M. Leeper Scholarship Fund
Gladys and Ron Bird Memorial Fund
Helen G. and Gerald M. Hess Scholarship Fund
J. O. Thompson Memorial Scholarship
J. Ward and Margaret M. Leeper
James H. Wysong Scholarship Fund
Jennings Family Scholarship Fund
Jo Ellen Castleman/ Hull Scholarship Fund
Lance McLeod Burns Argos Scholarship Fund
Madison and Elizabeth Stephenson Scholarship
Max and Lois Edmonds Scholarship Fund
Phoebe Heishman-Lykowski Scholarship