Keeping the Maxinkuckee Dream Alive

In the spring of 2021, a grant from the Ralph C. Vonnegut Jr. Fund was awarded to the Lake Maxinkuckee Environmental Fund to purchase equipment for water sampling and monitoring. 

The high-quality equipment means the LMEF can monitor nutrient loading from three main tributaries and additional smaller ones into Lake Maxinkuckee, measuring more frequently and at more sites than previously. If something concerning is found, the results are taken to a lab for further study and possible action.  

The Power of Scholarships

When asked about her new role as the Principal for LaVille Elementary, Hope Amor shared, “This is exactly what I want to do, and exactly where I want to be.” Amor is coming home to teach and lead in Marshall County after receiving the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship in 2011 to study at DePauw University.

Hope Jordan Amor is a proud graduate of Bremen High School. After completing her studies at DePauw, she went on to earn a Masters of Arts in Teaching at Marian University and a Masters in Education Administration at Butler University. Along the way, Amor discovered her heart and passion was in elementary education.

All of that education began with the promise of the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship administered by the Foundation.

Growing the Mission

“We’re here to make people’s lives better. I love what I do and the clients I get to spend my days with. They’re incredible people. We are lucky to have them as members of our community.” 

Looking to the Future to Share the Past

At the Marshall County Community Foundation, we understand how important it is to share and preserve the rich history of our county. That is why we supported the Marshall County Historical Society & Museum in the fall 2021 Community Fund grant round with funding to improve their audio-visual systems. The grant award was $8,927.

"This grant has improved the quality of our programming by making possible much brighter, clearer visual images, and crisper, more evenly distributed sound", said former museum Executive Director Linda Rippy. "Presenters using the new system will benefit too, as their carefully crafted PowerPoint presentations or videos can be displayed to greatest advantage. The new system is easy to use and does not necessarily require a staff person to operate it. In addition, it takes up less space since a projector and cart no longer need to extend out into the room."