Community Foundation Staff

Linda Yoder, Executive Director









 Angela Rupchock-Schafer, Director of Development and Communications

|  2 years at the Community Foundation |

"The MCCF is a catalyst for new, cutting-edge projects across Marshall County. Our generous donors, local businesses and nonprofit and regional partners have an exciting vision for the future of our communities. The MCCF is proud to support their work!"





Jayne Roahrig, Program officer and  Executive Assistant

 | 18.5 years at the Community Foundation |

"I love seeing how the scholarships and grants affect and help so many people in our community. That is what the Community Foundation's mission is about."





Naomi Enamorado, Accounting Assistant

| 3 years at the Community Foundation |

"It's encouraging to know that over 3.7 million dollars in grants have been invested back into Marshall County to make it a better place for all."  







Chris Johnson, Director of Resource Development, United Way

 | 3 years at United Way of Marshall County |

"It's exciting to see the different ways the MCCF touches Marshall County; whether it's helping students with education, planting trees through grants or planning endowments for families." 





Connie Kreps, Director of Accounting and Finance